During this difficult time we take the burden off of you and provide comfort foods and your loved ones favorites. We are trained to provide the highest quality safe foods within your loved ones physicians guidelines to add an additional level of comfort.  We also will provide platters for the entire family so you can focus on your loved one. 

Chemotherapy and medical treatment

 During chemotherapy and other medical treatment patient's tastes are thrown out of sync, most patients have cravings and find only certain foods can satisfy them at this time. Our job is to provide highly healthy food to help with a speedy recovery. Keeping your loved one eating keeps vital systems functioning such as digestion, saliva production and helps in the removal of toxins. Calories, nutrients and vitamins extracted naturally by your body is the most beneficial way to make a full recovery, we will do anything we can to help you through this time. Medical Technology has made great strides in pharmacology and treatments to help you make a speedy recovery but none of these can replace the natural ability of the human body to heal itself by consuming food and water. If the systems in your body are bypassed and you are getting your vitamins, calories and nutrients through other means your systems will shut down and stop working.

Hospice and medical treatment